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Dr. Lewis-Life Coach specializing in personal/professional growth and transformation!

Where to find a success coachAs a life coach, I take a personalized approach to help you identify your personal and professional goals. Through our sessions, I will be working with you to unpack issues, concerns, and barriers to success. Also, to create and take action steps that move your goals into reality. It’s time to stop looking at the life others are living, your neighbors, colleagues, bosses, those celebrities, the YouTubers, and everyone else who appears to be living their best life. You can and you will live your best life as well!

Who am I and how did I become a success coach?

I am Dr. Shamel Lewis. My journey to becoming a success coach had many turns. I coached high school football, played college football, then coached college football. I was an educator and eventually became an administrator. While in graduate school, I begin proofreading and editing research papers, then dissertations for doctoral students. Then I begin proofreading books for best selling authors, doctors, attorneys, pro athletes, and more. 

As I worked with these amazing people, I begin realizing part of my duty and service to them was to provide them with tips, suggestions, and feedback to contribute to their success. Then it hit me, I was no longer an editor, but I was coaching my clients to move them towards success. Then I began getting feedback like, “FYI – the book went bestseller on amazon the first day out :-)” from Dr. Brooke Goldner, MD Best Selling Author of Goodbye Autoimmune and Goodbye Lupus. Once I saw the impact of my coaching, I realized my true calling, I am a Life Coach, Personal Growth Coach, and Transformational Coach!!! What really drove my success was, I realized it wasn’t just me editing better that contributed to the success of these writers, but it was me coaching these writers more!

You ever wonder how people live in those houses on the water, have a boat, take plenty of vacations, or even drive a super car? It’s actually quite simple; because they believed they could. Even with those people with generational wealth who are ‘set for life,’ at some point in the process maybe their grandfather who accumulated the fortune, believed he could! Now, the truth I will share is that at one point they had some doubts. That is what my work with transformational coaching has revealed over the years. Don’t take my word for it, read what some clients are saying:

“Having our coaching sessions, make me want to take care of things and go do some things.”

“Dr. Lewis, thank you! You are the confidence boost I needed. I wasn’t sure I could do this but working with you showed me the way.”

Power of Belief

We have all at some point believed we could do something. For example, maybe you painted your living room and you are proud of that. The success first began to materialize once you believed you could do it. Until you believed you could do it, it was just merely a thought or a small belief.

How small beliefs are connected will surprise you. Successful people, simply believe they are successful. A successful golfer at one point had to learn how to hold their clubs, then how to put with much emphasis on their short-game. Once they were successful at that, they moved onto another area and became successful there, and so on. These small beliefs in one’s success accumulate and transfer into those bigger successes.

For example, if you need to drink 64 oz of water each day, you simply choose something manageable. Maybe 2 24 oz water bottles each day at first, so you can successfully and consistently accumulate 48oz. Then you move to 58, and eventually 64oz. Ultimately, as you experience success, this starts to become your habit.

Habit Formation to Achieve Success

Most successful people have some pretty good habits that largely contribute to why they are successful. The irony is, some people don’t even realize their habits. According to Earl Nightengale, if you do something for 30 days, you’ll do it the rest of your life. Maxwell Maltz (author of Psycho Cybernetics) states it takes at least 25 days for a habit to form. Part of my work is to over the course of some weeks to provide you with action steps that help you start forming habits that bring you closer to achieving whatever you want. For example, using the 2 minute rule from James Clear author of Atomic Habits, we will create action steps that make any new habit easy!

Mindset shift and Vulnerability

Ultimately, before we are ready to receive something, our mind has to be ready first. This happens in anything, weight loss, accumulating large amounts of wealth. A huge mindset shift is in order once you embark on life coaching. If you don’t believe me, think the person who loses a large amount of weight and gains it back. Or think of the NFL player with the millions of dollars who ends up broke; they weren’t ready to receive it. Coaching involves processing with you so you can remove limiting beliefs and identify barriers to success! A large part of my professional career has been spent on convincing people that everyone gets coached. And let me tell you, it is not an easy task. It takes a level of vulnerability. But once you have decided you are ready to receive support, it will change your life. Leaving you wondering why didn’t you hire a coach sooner!

Dream Big and then Achieve

The first step towards achieving a goal is to set it. Don’t set your goal on anything but what you truly want. For example, you might want a 5 bedroom home in an affluent neighborhood. Your wife may remind you that you are a teacher making $65,000 per year. My work with you is to get you beyond this limiting belief that you are not capable of having that big 5 bedroom home in the affluent community where you want to live. Every person in that community lives there, and so can you! I’ll show you how through my success coaching sessions.

Each session I offer is one-on-one and personalized to each client. There is no one size fits all approach. Each client is unique and should be respected as such. My coaching sessions are priced at $215 per hour. I encourage clients to book at least 4 sessions at 1 per week, because this will allow us to see observable progress towards your goals. To book a coaching session, simply go to the calendar below or email me at If you’d like a complimentary conversation to see if we are a good fit, you can contact me at 860-375-5779 or email me at

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